Sunday, October 14, 2012

DIY Birthday Celebration Ideas

Sempena nak birthday Ismael yang ke-2 aritu saje je la aku try nak buat special birthday party atmosphere, untuk kami sekeluarga je. Aku pun search la birthday party ideas dan aku pun terjumpa idea2 kat bawah ni yang aku rasa sangat sweet. Saje je nak simpan pasal ni di blog as my future reference n also sharing the brilliant ideas. Perhaps korang pon baoleh cuba sebab mostly nampak tak susah sangat nak buat n tak melibatkan banyak cost except few of the ideas.


No helium necessary - Up-side down balloons - Wow, so smart!

Party entrance idea- use golf tees to keep in ground

8 balloons across the doorway to celebrate her/his 8th birthday.
What makes these balloons special, is that inside each one is a One Dollar bill!

Balloon backdrop

Waking up to balloons on your birthday... I must remember this!



A pot of lollipops

Big number pinata

Alternative to pinatas. A punch box for party favors - its like the price is right game

30 gifts for 30 years

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